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If you pass by Rosazia one day between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m., you may be lucky enough to see this young man in his thirties driving his pigs with the same enthusiasm and passion under the thousand-year-old chestnut trees, his truck loaded with steres of wood or the backhoe of his small construction company.
So who is Nicolas Capodimaci? A breeder, a lumberjack or a machine operator? Quite simply, he is a man who is passionate about this territory that he has adopted and strives to bring to life through his work.
His life as a coffee machine salesman in Ajaccio is now only a distant memory, a parenthesis that deviated him, for a time, from his childhood dream: to live in the village! Even if he finally chose his wife's to set up his business, the essential is there, in these valleys and hillsides of the Cruzini.
Every day, Nicolas fulfills his ambition: to live off his land and the work of his hands. This workaholic never does things by halves and puts the same ardour into defending a charcuterie labelled in Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée, the exclusive reintroduction of the authentic Porcu nustrale or the controlled management of the Corsican forest.
Nicolas Capodimaci, a breathless but exciting encounter!

Type of restaurant

  • Agricultural production


  • PDO Coppa di Corsica
  • AOP Lonzu di Corsica
  • AOP Prisuttu di Corsica


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