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20126 EVISA

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Departure : Aïtone holiday village, located between the village of Evisa and Verghju (Col de Vergio) on the D 84, 1h30 north of Ajaccio.
Itinerary: Go through the old holiday village then take a path on the left to reach the river of Aïtone, cross it by a small wooden bridge. Follow the orange markings (Mare a Mare Nord) which go up on the right to join a dirt track (Casterica bridge.) Take the track on the left, (beautiful view on the Aïtone forest), which leads to the Saltu pass (alt 1391m);

Descend, the track then takes the shape of a "horseshoe". Take the path that goes to the left, a magnificent balcony path through the Lindinosa forest (home of the Corsican mouflon). Cross a small stream which joins an old paved path, which you can take on the left, after a 10mm walk you can admire a magnificent Lariccio pine, one of the largest in Corsica, over 300 years old. We then reach the Cuccavera pass at 1475m. Panorama on the forest of Lonca. To the north-east, view of two beautiful summits, the Tafunatu and Paglia Orba, opposite the famous transhumance path linking the Falasorma to the Niolu region, with the transhumance refuge of Puscaghja at the bottom of the valley, which can be reached by taking the small path on the right on the side of the cliff. You can also see part of the Scandola reserve. The return journey is partly on the same path, at the crossroads continue on the track which winds down to a junction. Then turn right and follow the stream downhill to reach a shelf. After about 350 m, leave the track on the right, and after a short climb and a few bends, reach the Saltu pass. Follow the same route as the outward journey to reach the Paesolu d'Aïtone.      

Heritage: The Spelunca interpretation trail linking Ota to Evisa, the Zaglia bridge, a Genoese bridge in the form of a donkey's back, classified as a historical monument. The Aïtone mill at the entrance to the forest. The church of St Martin in the centre of the village, an ancient chapel built around the 17th century. The Aïtone forest covers 1670 ha between 800m and 2000 m (800 ha of Laricio pine).

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