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Car tour to discover the villages of the northern part of the West Corsica territory

Duration: 3 hours (without stops).
Departure from Porto on the D81 towards Ajaccio. After 8 km, you enter the Calanche de Piana site, then cross Piana.
This charming village has a church dedicated to St Mary, topped by a graceful lantern-shaped bell tower (17th century). While strolling, you can take the road to Vistale in the direction of the beach of Arone. However, you will have to retrace your steps.
Return to the D81 and continue your way to Cargèse. It is advisable to discover the town on foot to soak up the picturesque charm of this village. Below the main road, facing each other on the seafront, the Latin church and the Greek church bear witness to the local history. Don't miss the four icons brought from Greece in 1676.
Leave the village from the north-east along the road to Paomia. This hamlet was the site of the first Greek settlement in 1663. The final settlement of the Greeks in Cargese took place in 1797. After the visit, continue along this small road until you come to the crossroads of the D70, where you turn left, towards Vico.
From here, the road climbs steeply up to the Col de Sevi (1101 m), passing on the right the village of Vico, capital of the canton, where you can make a diversion to visit the convent of Saint Francis.
Then return to Porto on the D84, passing through the villages of Cristinacce and Evisa.






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