A strong and independent identity to discover in a different way

The highlands of Western Corsica have a great diversity of landscapes and generously offer you their fullness and authenticity.

Inland, there is a different magic than on the coast, a different world, a certain languor, almost out of sync.

Take the time to get away for a few hours or a day, for a ride, a walk or a bike ride, in the heart of our mountains.

Oxygenate yourself in the heart of one of our beautiful forests, recharge your batteries at the top of the summits, taste the pleasure of freedom and shiver with happiness. 

Are you interested? Here's what we suggest you do to enjoy all the beauty of the region.

Disconnection and rejuvenation guaranteed

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Have you ever thought of walking along one of our many paths?

Sunday walker or experienced hiker?

Walks for all tastes and all levels, that is the extent of the offer that our territory has.

From the interpretation trails with their explanatory panels, to family walks in the forests, via the mythical Mare e Monti and the famous coastal path, we give you the keys to recharge your batteries and exercise your body.

Whether you are free or guided, you will discover the little hidden treasures of our area.

Don't forget to breathe in the scent of the maquis, to observe the particular fauna and flora of our magnificent region, in a word: relax!

If you prefer to be accompanied and benefit from the knowledge that our guides share along the way, don't hesitate to plan your hiking trip with one of our many professionals.

But above all, whatever your choice, respect the basic rules which are :

  • check the weather
  • take water
  • put on your shoes
  • Equip yourself (appropriate clothing, map, etc.)

In complete safety, the pleasure remains!

A hefty dose of chlorophyll