Do you prefer sea legs or fresh water?

If there is one activity to do in Western Corsica, it is, without any hesitation, the discovery of this splendid coastline by sea. Synonymous with escape and adventure, it is the promise of unique and unforgettable moments.

Now you have to decide where you are going to set off on your adventure and this is where the choice is complicated. But rest assured, the beauty of the coastline is such that, wherever you start from, your maritime adventure will become an incredible and unforgettablememory .And if you're a bit lucky, you'll meet theosprey, the Mediterranean crested cormorant or even the bottlenose dolphin... Magic!

Escape and sensations guaranteed!

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Weighing anchor,hiring a boat

Renting a boat guarantees you an unusual travel experience and you don't necessarily need a licence. You will be able to sail independently (and freedom of movement is important too) On the boats without a licence, the motorisation is not the same of course, but for a day or half day the possibilities of visits and bathing in the wild creeks of Western Corsica are innumerable.

The Robinson in you is already dreaming about it, while the explorer is heading for the great sites of the West Coast.

With or without a licence, hiring a boat will make you a happy holidaymaker, proud to bring back anecdotes, advice and images, but shhh!

On the programme, inaccessible coves from the road, still wild and deserted, the ideal place to put your towel down and enjoy a picnic with your family or as a couple, deep gorges plunging into the sea, a festival of colours in every corner. This is certainly the most beautiful part of the coast and, to appreciate it in depth, we recommend that you combine visits on foot with visits by sea.

So cast off and sail away...

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Do you want to breathe in iodine at the top of your lungs? Our experts are there for you!

Let yourself be guided... Let yourself be accompanied

Leaving with a sailing company or a skipper offers you the advantage of enjoying the fresh air and the sea spray without worrying about manoeuvres, with a free spirit let you embark on a visit of the most beautiful sites of Corsica. A careful commentary and an exceptional site, the promise of an unforgettable day.

The steep coastline offers a splendid space: creeks, caves, sea cliffs, islands and archipelagos sea cliffs, islands and archipelagos, a specific fauna and flora and a breathtaking geology...

Here, our professionals are here to help you discover the beauty of the coastline, the visit of caves and faults, the little hidden treasures known to sailors, an explanation of the protected sites of the maritime and land reserve. Swimming stops in translucent waters with heavenly colours

Come aboard and let yourself be rocked by the gentle currents of the sea...

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Trendy and nice...

Fun and eco-friendly, another way to visit and travel on the water with :

  • The kayak, no need for experience, just a little time to get the hang of it and you can quietly move to the rhythm of the paddle. The silence and the sea we dreamed of, and this feeling of being in the water while sitting dry, can you believe it? A little physical all the same the practice of the canoe or kayak is very pleasant and ecological and remains a great idea trend for the discovery of the coast 
  • Paddleboarding is a trendy new water sport that you can try out here. The Stand-Up Paddle or SUP but more simply paddle allows you to discover all the coasts of our region standing on a board, simply equipped with a paddle to direct you. Cool no and in addition by practising the SUP, you build up your thighs, your back, your abs, your arms, without forgetting your shoulders 
  • The pedal boat brings back childhood memories and laughter, you have fun while pedalling, and you pedal while visiting. The best for young and old children
  • Windsurfing 
  • The catamaran

And for more excitement?

For those who want to have a little more excitement, a range of fun and water activities are available. A great way to have a good laugh, with family or friends...

  • Surfing, let's not lie, this is not Hawaii but it's good enough for those who want to learn or practice gently.
  • Jet-ski
  • Towed buoy
  • Water skiing
  • Wakeboard
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