Discover Corsica differently

An island break in winter is sometimes just what you need to recharge your batteries in the heart of an invigorating natural environment offering different but equally breathtaking coastal and mountain landscapes.

So grab your gloves and scarves and come and enjoy your winter adventure in West Corsica.

More than an adventure, this journey will become a true self-discovery.

We enjoy a different landscape

We all know Corsica with its climate, its high temperatures, its beaches, its turquoise waters, its palm trees, its green maquis and its walks under the sun. But Corsica also lives outside the summer and does not go into hibernation, contrary to popular belief.

Even if these cold winter months do not often offer access to many leisure activities or other discoveries, there are good ideas to make your winter getaway a restful and exotic stay, perhaps even confusing for those who already know it.

Discover the different face of our territory, which is enjoying the new-found calm and offers a charm that is far too little known in the Corsica we love so much.

A selection of activities to do in winter:

  1. Enjoy the beach by yourself and have a peaceful picnic
  2. Snowshoeing in the mountains and getting a breath of fresh air
  3. Hiking at low altitude with a view of the snow-capped mountains
  4. Ski, luger (a nod to our Swiss friends), in Vergio and enjoy its ski resort
  5. To exchange with the inhabitants, who are more accessible in this period, and to share the Corsican culture
Vergio pass winter snow
sunset winter

Enjoying the sunsets

... breathtaking

This is the time of year when the sunsets are the most spectacular in terms of colour.

It is often necessary to wait until the end of a rather gloomy day when the sun has finally shown its face, just before it gives way to the moon... And then, the magic happens.

Flaming reds and crimson oranges mingle with soft pinks and shimmering purples. A veritable explosion of colours, both warm and cold, on a sea of fluffy clouds, a simple pleasure for the eyes.

Corsican specialities

Winter is the time for small, reassuring family dishes that warm the stomachs and hearts.

An island of sharing, there are many specialities made for large gatherings with family and/or friends.

The star products of the winter :

  • All sausages
  • Brocciu (best period)
  • Clementines and other citrus fruits
  • Arbouses and myrtles 

Our winter specialities :

  1. Pulenta, figatellu, brocciu (fried eggs)
  2. Wild boar stew
  3. Corsican peasant soup
  4. Teddy Bear Walk
  5. Omelette with brocciu
  6. Figatellu with lentils
  7. Cabri in sauce
  8. Brocciu fritters
  9. Lamb in sauce

West Corsica, for you alone...

... or almost

No car in front or behind and the road stretches out in front of you...

What better way to enjoy the scenery? You won't have the stress of stopping to take a picture or just calmly admire the scenery.