We forget the received ideas

Our environment is our life support

The forest is not just a group of trees.

If we think about the forest, all the elements interact and form a diversity, a rich diversity, a rich ecosystem that is essential for life.

Trees, mushrooms, birds, insects, water sources, inhabitants and the inhabited, all organise themselves and produce essential components of our world.

In addition to maintaining and protecting biodiversity, it protects against natural hazards such as landslides, erosion, etc. and retains its primary economic function: timber production.

So we take advantage of it, but above all we respect it by leaving only our footprints behind us.

It is our source of inspiration and relaxation.

Shinrin Yoku or forest bath


The Shinrin Yoku or forest bath promotes the benefits of walking in the forest, reconnecting with nature and especially with oneself.

On this nature retreat, learn to explore the world around you so you can focus on what is important.

Enjoy a playful discovery of the forest and sylvotherapy in sites chosen for their rich biodiversity.

The forests of Western Corsica are ideal places to practice this Japanese art of living. So are we going or what!!! (Oops, I need it too...)

Without hesitation, let's go and discover this invigorating cocktail of ancestral energy.

To stimulate all your senses

You are advised to :

  • clamping the shafts
  • smell the woods
  • test the fresh water of the river with your toes
  • enjoy the silence
  • listen to the murmur of the undergrowth
  • let yourself be transported by the song of the birds

This has benefits for the respiratory system and immediate effects on stress and anxiety.

Softness, serenity, inspiration... fill up on good vibes.

And best of all, the whole family can do it for free.

De-stressing, hugging a tree

Some ideas to start your immersion in nature

Routes to start your therapy (sylvo)

  • The chestnut grove
  • Natural pools
  • Monte Tretorre from Guagno
  • The honey trail and the Murzo forest
  • Monte Cervellu by Rosazia