The Turghju Tower...

Built in 1608, at the beginning of the 17th century which saw the construction of most of the Genoese towers on the western side of Corsica, the Turghiu tower communicated with three other towers, Orchinu, Omigna and Paomia (today Cargèse)

Capu Rossu is a fabulous promontory, one of the highest sea cliffs in Europe, offering a 360° view from its summit 

Capo Rosso is the second most western point of Corsica, surpassed by Gargalo in the Scandola nature reserve. It is a pink granite cape accessible only on foot and topped by a Genoese tower.

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A little history...

In 1604, Anton Giovanni Sarrola, a notable from the south of Corsica and an orator from the "Delà des Monts", was appointed to build the four towers, at a time when the coastline was subject to the constant raids of the Barbarians.

Thus, this territory was called "Land of the Four Towers".

Barbary pirates, sometimes called Barbary or Ottoman privateers, were Muslim pirates who operated from North Africa, based mainly in the ports of Salé, Rabat, Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli. 

Their predation extended throughout the Mediterranean and beyond: along the Atlantic coast of West Africa and in the North Atlantic as far as Iceland. However, their preferred hunting ground remained mainly the western Mediterranean.

In addition to seizing merchant ships, the main purpose of their attacks was the 'collection' of men, women and children for the slave trade for the Ottoman Empire and the general Arab slave market in North Africa and the Middle East.

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