Autumn invites you to come and enjoy walks in the forest and evenings with friends around the fire in this beautiful season of colour.

It is also the second harvest season, when the last fruits reach maturity and when the harvests mark the gastronomy of our regions.

But autumn is also the perfect season for gourmet hikes to combine the desire for the great outdoors with gastronomy. 

Let yourself be inspired... you won't regret it.

Poetry of autumn...

In autumn, the leaves of the trees take on rich hues of gold, purple and violet; - the sun adorns the clouds with more splendid colours; - the forests exhale an intoxicating odour; - and the leaves that fall and begin to litter the paths warn that everything is going to disappear, that everything is going to die, and invite one to contemplate, with more attention and recollection, these splendours that are going to fade. Then all feelings take on a tinge of sweet melancholy, love seizes the heart with a power hitherto unknown. Alphonse Karr

Alphonse Karr

Enjoying the Indian summer

If you love sunny days, you're already thinking of the best ways to make your autumn a little spicy. Take advantage of an autumn getaway to take advantage of our more attractive off-season offers.

This period of mildness, even warmth and sunshine in the heart of autumn is the ideal time for those who have always dreamed of coming to discover the beauty of our region, but who are not necessarily fans of the summer season!

For those who are not so cold, the climate and water temperature are still favourable for enjoying the sea while feeling that the beaches belong to them alone.

The towns and villages are also quieter and offer visitors plenty of time to wander through the streets and soak up the atmosphere and soul of an authentic Corsica, now wild again.

Lake Creno

Autumn walks in nature and its colours

Autumn offers us landscapes with shimmering colours, which we never tire of admiring and reproducing during walks in total freedom.

Why not reveal your artistic soul... 

Our territory has a multitude of walking routes, which you can find in our walking guide or by visiting our offices.

It's autumn! Why not go on an adventure with your family or friends?

Take advantage of the beautiful Indian summer light to (re)discover some of our must-see spots which, after the summer season, have taken on a whole new look and put on their colourful costumes.

Gourmet walk in the forest

What a pleasure it is to enjoy the fruits of your labour, it is a fun activity that you can do alone, if you are a solitary treat hunter or accompanied by your family or a group of friends.


In autumn, we take advantage of walks in the forest to collect chestnuts.

Distinguishing a chestnut from a marron 

Once equipped and warned, all you have to do is identify any chestnuts that may cross your path.

Firstly, the chestnut is a rather small, triangular and flattened fruit with small "hairs" at the tip. Unlike the chestnut, which is larger, rounder and smoother.

The bug allows you to identify the fruit it contains. The chestnut is contained in a "bogue", bristling with many prickles. It opens in 4 to release its fruit. The chestnut is contained in a "capsule" with soft, short spines, which only opens in 3 to release its fruit.

Roasted on a wood fire, in the oven but also boiled, each one has its own way of tasting them. There are many specialities made from chestnuts as well as derived products, flour, chestnut flour cakes, marrons glacés, etc. Do not hesitate to ask for the products of the region in the shop.


Mushroom picking remains one of the pleasures of autumn. Their characteristic flavours make them stars of the kitchen and add a heady aroma to our dishes. Ceps, chanterelles, sheep's feet, meadow roses and all the others are particularly tasty and can be eaten on their own, in omelettes or as side dishes. 

*Finally, if in doubt about your harvest, do not hesitate to have it checked by a connoisseur, if you do not know the type of mushroom or if you are not sure, do not collect them. Some species are poisonous and you could be poisoned. Consult an expert.

Relax and breathe fresh air

Autumn also awakens our self-preservation instinct and encourages us to slow down, to save ourselves in all tranquillity and serenity.

What could be better than a stay in Western Corsica to rest, recharge your batteries and enjoy a less active life? 

Sensory discovery around autumn is to get some fresh air, breathe some fresh air, recharge your batteries and leave behind your over-connected daily life.

It'sa mini-break that allows you to let go and focus on the present moment, so that all you hear is the sound of birds, wind, or the falling branches and leaves of trees as you walk along.

Increase your capacity for creativity and concentration, look at the sea and its colours, breathe in the sea spray and the flowers of the maquis. You dream of it! Well, it's possible everywhere here and it's very simple. We are told: "you must refocus on the essential"! And the essential is there, not far away...

Enjoying the riches of autumn...