The Furnished Accommodation Classification service

The West Corsica Intercommunal Tourist Office has a classification service for furnished tourist accommodation.

For all enquiries, please contact

  • Martine TIDORI 04 95 28 03 46 at the Sagone office
  • Lucie MONJANEL 04 95 27 84 42 at the Piana office
  • Or by e-mail:

Classifying your furnished tourist accommodation

Are you an owner?
Do you want to have your furnished accommodation classified?
By contacting us you will not get the moon but the "stars", those of your choice for your accommodation.
We are here to guide you and accompany you in your process.

The classification, an official guarantee of quality

Since August 2, 2010, the classification of 1 to 5 stars of the Meublés de Tourisme is subject to new standards at national level.

Classification is not compulsory for renting, but it is strongly recommended as it has several advantages:

  • A tax allowance of 71% instead of 50%.

  • A commitment to the quality of your accommodation for your customers (from 1 to 5 stars), 

  • A Taxe de Séjour adapted to your accommodation

  • A free publication on the website of the Corsican Tourist Agency,

  • A validity of 5 years attributed in Corsica by the President of the Executive Council of Corsica;

Reminder of the legal context :

The law n° 2009-888 of 22 July 2009, on the development and modernisation of tourist services and the decrees n° 2009-1652 of 23 December 2009 implementing the law, redefined the procedure for classifying tourist accommodation.

The decree of November 24, 2021 (amending the decree of August 02, 2010) and the decree of May 7, 2012 complete this system and set standards and procedures for the classification of furnished tourist accommodation, with the "meublé de tourisme" classification guidelines. On June 24, 2010, the Corsican Assembly adopted the procedures for classifying tourist facilities. The final decision rests with the President of the Corsican Executive Council, who replaces the Prefect by issuing a classification (or downgrading) decree after the Corsican Tourism Agency has verified the completeness of the file.

What is a Meublé de Tourisme?

Furnished tourist accommodation is a villa, flat or studio that is rented out to visitors who stay for a day, a week or a month and do not take up residence there.

Whether classified or not, the furnished accommodation must be declared to the town hall.

Cerfa n°14004*04 

6 steps to the stars

  1. I contact the West Corsica Intercommunal Tourist Office, an organisation approved by the French accreditation committee "AFNOR".
    To order a visit :
  2. Complete and send all the documents to be downloaded in the section "Download the application form" which includes
    - FORM CERFA 14004-04

    To help you complete your application, download the table of classification criteria for all categories in the "Download our support materials" section.

    Your file will be considered complete when it includes the payment for the classification visit + all the documents duly completed and signed. Payment can be made by cheque to the order of OTI West Corsica Trésor Public, cash (up to a limit of 300 €) or by bank transfer. Once payment has been made, the Classification Department will contact you to arrange the date of the visit and will provide you with a paid invoice on the day of the visit.

  3. I will receive a professional who will visit my property in my presence or that of my agent. For any scheduled visit, in case of prevention, please inform me 48 hours in advance.
  4. I will receive the inspection report with the proposed classification decision within 1 month.
  5. I have 15 days to refuse the decision. After this period, the classification is acquired. 
  6. My official classification is for a period of 5 years.

General conditions applicable to applications for the classification of furnished tourist accommodation

How much does it cost?

- Studio /1 bedroom: €120 incl. VAT    

- 2 to 3 bedrooms: €150 incl. VAT 

- 4 rooms and more: €200 inc. 

- Fixed price travel: 30€ incl. VAT 

- Additional accommodations: -50%(taking into account the largest surface area of the 1st furnished accommodation at full rate, reduction applicable for the following ones)

The fee includes :

  • The classification visit (travel costs are extra: 30€).
  • Investigation of the case.

How to earn some points with green actions:

-Implementation of an energy saving measure (low energy light bulb, double glazing, wall insulation...) =>2 points

-Implementation of a water consumption reduction measure (dual flush, mousseur, ....) =>2 points

-Sorting of waste, glass, paper (separate bins) and posting of sorting rules and information on the location of collection points => 2 points

-Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and consumables => 3 points

Being classified as a furnished tourist accommodation does not mean being a partner of the West Corsica Intercommunal Tourist Office. These are two totally different services.