With the right tools, it's easier!

We have created this toolbox for you, professionals of the West Corsica destination, community of municipalities Spelunca-Liamone, to help you to :

  • (In)training your staff
  • inform your customers
  • discover tools for sustainable development
  • keep up to date with tourism trends

Have a good craft!

Since June 2023, the tourist office has had a new destination brand to raise the profile of our region.

For partners wishing to incorporate elements of the new brand into their communications, the tourist office is making available a communications kit.

For any use of the communication kit, please consult the general conditions of use HERE

To request your Etat sauvage, Ouest Corsica communication kit, send your request HERE

Find here the newspaper "Nouv'OT" dedicated to professionals to keep informed of all the news of the OT as well as our feedback on the promotional and communication actions undertaken in the format of 

New OT June 2022

New'ot September 2022

New ot December 2022

The VIT extranet is a tool that allows you to : 

  1. Update your tourist offers autonomously on a single space
  2.  Carry out these updates throughout the year
  3. Create useful widgets on your website 
  4. Request the creation of a new offer
 Find the VIT Frequently Asked Questions

This section will allow you to find the elements necessary to obtain aid for your projects.

Aid available from the Corsican Tourist Agency (ATC)

Within the framework of the guidelines defined by the Collectivity of Corsica, the Tourism Agency of Corsica is responsible for coordinating all actions for the development of tourism in Corsica: among these actions, support for the creation and / or development of tourism companies in order to have a diversified and attractive offer corresponding to the expectations of different customers. This is one of the essential missions of the ATC to project the Corsican destination into the future.

The aid guide has been designed as an essential tool for this strategy of adaptation and development of our destination's tourism offer.

Guide to tourism grants 2022-2027

Contacts :

Jean-Dominique CESARI, in charge of the Enterprise and Sustainable Economy Mission jdcesari@atc.corsica

Olivier LEONETTI, in charge of Enterprise and Sustainable Economy oleonetti@atc.corsica 

Jean-Louis MORETTI, Head of Engineering and Development jlmoretti@atc.corsica

Aid available from ADEME

The Sustainable Tourism Fund is a set of aids intended to support the ecological transition.

The beneficiaries of these subsidies are accommodation providers, restaurant owners and agritourism actors.

Presentation of Sustainable Tourism ADEME

Check your eligibility HERE

list of actions eligible for ADEME grants

Mélissa Desclaud is the project manager for the Greater Ajaccio area. You can contact her by email or phone:


Aid for the installation of electric charging stations

The Advenir program offers incentives for the installation of charging stations to individuals in condominiums, businesses and local authorities in non-interconnected zones (ZNI).

Due to the particular characteristics of energy production and consumption in non-interconnected areas, notably related to their environmental impact, the Advenir program applies specific terms and conditions for the installation of charging stations located in these territories.

More info HERE

Do you want more visibility? Do you need more? The West Corsica Intercommunal Tourist Office is here to help you develop your business.


  1. Belonging to a network
  2. Be part of our promotion and prospecting activities
  3. Contribute to the development of tourism in the region
  4. Benefit from professional and personalised support
  5. Retain and renew your customers
  6. Have access to a professional team that is available all year round
  7. Promote your business
  8. Enjoying quality content

Download our 2023 Partner's Guide and order, if you wish, additional services from our Partnership Officer:

Laetitia ADAMI, located at the Calcatoggio office on 04 95 52 82 60 or partenariat@ouestcorsica.com

Owners of a furnished tourist accommodation or a bed and breakfast: How to declare them

Statistics and other key figures, find here all the data on tourism in the region.

OTIOC annual reports

  1. Observatory report 2019
  2. 2020 Observatory assessment
  3. Assessment of the 2021 Observatory
  4. Observatory 2022 report

Infographics season

  1. Infographic season 2022

This section is dedicated to balance sheets and other reports of the ITO

Activity reports :

Find our program of workshops dedicated to the professionals of the West Corsica destination


To help your staff to better welcome and inform your customers, we have created these documents to help them understand the region and its products.

Documentation for seasonal staff

  1. Corsican products... the basics

To help your customers become tourists who respect the environment and local resources, we have developed a number of prevention tools for your customers.

Display media for customers

  1. Water consumption poster

Documentation for a responsible tourist 

  1. Being a responsible tourist
  2. Guide to good environmental practice
  3. Poster waste sorting instructions

Tourist tax 

  1. Deliberation of the 2023 tourist tax