Swimming pools, yes... but natural!

The natural pools and waterfalls of the Madre are among the most beautiful jewels of our territory.

Nestled in the Aïtone forest, populated by Laricio pines, some of which are over 50 metres high, they are a haven of peace in the heart of nature. 

This is one of those favourites that we would like to keep just for ourselves...

It is a place not to be missed, for the pleasure of the eyes and the refreshment they provide in summer.

A world of purity

The Aïtone waterfalls are a series of small waterfalls and natural pools dug into the rock, surrounded by trees, which give the whole area its beautiful emerald green colour.

The water is strikingly clear and its emerald colour instantly captivates the visitor.

Although very cool and invigorating (rarely above 12°C in summer), the bravest swimmers will do a few swims, while the most frigid will only dip their feet in.

It is a place for meditation and getting back to nature when venturing out of the summer season.

natural pools and waterfalls evisa west corsica
waterfall pools


There are several ways to see the Aitone waterfalls, located to the west between Evisa and the Vergio pass: 

  • From the village of Evisa: start near the bars in the centre of the village.
    Then follow the Châtaigneraie path to the D84. This path is lined with information panels on the cultivation of chestnuts.
    Then, continue your walk on a forest path that leads to the Aïtone waterfalls.
    This is an opportunity to take a short, easy, signposted hike, lasting 2.5 hours each way, with a 250 m difference in altitude.  
  • From the D84 towards Corte: 1.5 km after Evisa. This access makes it possible to shorten the hike. The walk is then only one hour in total for the round trip. 

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Let's respect and preserve this place

The Aitone forest and its isolation has allowed the preservation of some of the rarest species of wildlife, including the red kite, the Corsican nuthatch and the rarely seen Corsican wild cat, the gjhattu volpe. 

A trail called the Sitelle Trail, or also the Condemned Trail, follows a short route to discover this small endemic bird, not far from there.

Nevertheless, a constant effort is needed from everyone to ensure that all these natural places can be shared with as many people as possible


  1. I ask about the expected weather conditions
  2. I am properly equipped (at least: hiking shoes, cap, water)
  3. I am careful around swimming pools. The rocks around them are wet and therefore very slippery.
  4. I don't jump from the waterfalls or lean over them.
  5. I do not throw my waste in the nature. I sort my waste and throw it in the next suitable bin I find.
  6. I respect and leave the fauna and flora alone. Admire the vegetation without tearing it up. This way everyone can enjoy it!


waterfalls and natural pools in the aitone forest

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