Winter comforts you

Discover Corsica in a different way An island break in winter is sometimes just what you need to recharge your batteries in the heart of an invigorating nature offering different but equally breathtaking coastal or mountain landscapes. So grab your gloves and scarves and head out to the [...]

The remote village of Muna

Suspended from the mountain and forever watched over by the Sposata, the isolated village of Muna, between Rosazia and Murzo, is a place that calls out to you

Autumn invites you

This period of mild weather and sunshine is the ideal time for those who have always dreamed of coming to discover the beauty of our region out of season

The forests of Western Corsica

Take your time. It doesn't matter if you don't get anywhere because you're not going anywhere. Savour the sounds, smells and sights of nature as you soak up the forest.

And if you take to the sea

On the programme, still wild and deserted creeks inaccessible from the road, the ideal place to put your towel down and enjoy a picnic with your family or as a couple, then steep gorges plunging into the sea, and there before your eyes a festival of colours in every corner

Spring charms you

All seasons are beautiful, but in spring the region is an inexhaustible garden of colours and scents. It offers "time to take your time"...

Journey into a mysterious world

The seabed is home to all sorts of creatures and has a multitude of rock formations, so dive into this world of rocky crevices and Posidonia grass meadows.

Everything for gourmets

You don't have to choose between escapism and greed, we offer you both, a little change of scenery won't hurt your taste buds

U Tassu, ghost village

Between Marignana and Cristinacce, discover this ghost village, U Tassu, abandoned with the arrival of modernity

The tower of Capo Rosso

Capu Rossu is a fabulous promontory, one of the highest sea cliffs in Europe, offering unforgettable views over the glowing landscapes of the Calanche de Piana and Scandula in the evening light, and eastwards to the tooth of Paglia Orba and the summit of Monte Cintu.

Live up to it

If many are attracted by the beautiful beaches, the seabed and the landscapes of the coast, one should not forget that Corsica is a mountain in the sea and that the interior of Western Corsica is full of hidden treasures.