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Vico is a large village full of character, which lies on a wooded slope. It is made up of beautiful stone houses, with inscriptions on the facade, connected to each other by staircases. There are also some beautiful lintels. In the heart of the village is a beautiful shaded square where you can see a bronze statue of Mgr Casanelli d'Istria, who preached the abandonment of the vendetta in Corsica in the 19th century. The village is situated on a mountainous territory extending to the Gulf of Sagone, where its coastal window is located
Vico is the capital of the Cruzini region and has lived a history rich in events and characters. It was the stronghold of the illustrious Leca family, and was often the hideout of famous bandits (including Theodore Poli in the 19th century). Vico was also the home of François Vico, adviser to the King of Aragon, the surgeon Jean Vico, and Bonaventure Colonna di Leca, a colonial resident. Its past goes back to the ancient Roman city of Sagone. It was also the seat of a bishopric from the 4th to the 16th century, and its parish had eleven parishes. The convent of Saint-François dating from 1481, enlarged in the 17th and 19th centuries, is still active and preserves many treasures, including the oldest wooden Christ in Corsica
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It was in the convent of Vico that Father Albini preached, in the 19th century, the abandonment of the vendetta in Corsica. He took up the theses of Mgr CASANELLI D'ISTRIA, a native of Vico, who also distinguished himself in this cause. It is said that Father Albini, thanks to his unparalleled eloquence, achieved reconciliations that some described as miraculous.

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