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The beautiful village of Partinello dates from the second half of the 19th century. Situated at 237 m above sea level, it overlooks the Gulf of, the beautiful pebble beach of Caspiu, and its unforgettable landscapes, such as the jagged coves and the wild red rock coast.

The small village of Partinello is located halfway between Serriera and Osani, in the Gulf of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Partinello is a recently built village that still has the memory of a strong medieval occupation. In the 16th century, the insubordination of the inhabitants to the Leca lordly family led to its depopulation with the destruction of all the houses, by order of the Office of Saint George. Later on, the territory fell victim to the Barbary raids.
Only in the XVII century, the Office of Saint George authorized again the populations to settle on the territory that constitutes the actual village of Partinello. At that time, shepherds arrived from the Niolu region (in Upper Corsica), having adopted a sedentary way of life and thus marking the formation of rural communities.
The village of Partinello dates back to the second half of the 19th century, situated at 237 m of altitude, it dominates the Gulf of Porto, the superb pebble beach of Caspiu and its landscapes such as the jagged creeks and the wild coast of red rocks.
In the upper part of the village of Partinello, the small parish church of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue, built in the 19th century, has a three-story bell tower with a lantern.
Two hamlets in Partinello: Vignale and Vetriccia, whose few scattered houses are built on the side of the mountain show us the direction of the beach of Caspiu on the D324 to enjoy the calm and the joys of swimming.

For the record:
Saint Anthony's Day is celebrated every year on June 13. With the great mass as well as the procession, an old secular tradition has been brought up to date: on the occasion of Saint Antoine, a veal on the spit (Corsican veal) is prepared and served to all the participants as well as an aperitif offered by the merchants.
This tradition has its roots in the time when, in turn, the breeders offered an animal for St. Anthony to be served a meal to the faithful.
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