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Situated at 715 m above sea level inland from the Gulf of Porto, Marignana has retained its character as a mountain village, surrounded by mountains of chestnut trees, holm oaks, laricio pines and high scrub.

Marignana, composed of the village and the hamlets of Chidazzu and Revinda, has kept its typical character of mountain villages. Built around its church dedicated to Saint James, some of the tall stone houses have interesting architectural features, such as carved porches or modillions. The site, surrounded by mountains with red rocks, is beautiful. On a clear day, you can even see the sea in the distance.
The surroundings of Marignana are marked by the presence of old sheepfolds and the copper mine that once supported the village. Excavations have shown that in the past the village lived from long-distance trade. French, Pisan and Genoese coins attest to this, although it was assumed that the village was perfectly isolated.
An ancient road, recently uncovered, connected the village to the long lost village of Azani.

Now a hamlet of Marignana, Chidazzu was once a village in its own right, located just one kilometre from Marignana. Founded at the beginning of the 16th century by Nioline shepherds, the latter used the transhumance path to go from Niolo to the Porto valley. This path is today known as the GR Mare a mare Nord which passes by the Vergio pass, by the Genoese bridge of Zaglia which crosses the stream of Tavulella in the Gorges of Spelunca.
Chidazzu is situated at an altitude of 655 m, one kilometre west of the village of Marignana.

It is a small village in the southwest of the municipality. In the 15th century, Revinda was for a short period the centre of a trap. Its existence has been revealed by historical works. However, its territory seems to have been quickly integrated into that of Salogna, as shown by archival sources from the late 15th century. It was abandoned at the end of the century for fear of the infidels.

A little history:
The village of Marignana would have been founded at the end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th century in the Middle Ages, as indicated for the first time in a document in 1530. However, there would be in a Corsican publication, the mention of Marignano, quoted as an inhabited place in 1520.
Marignana was an important point of the Resistance during the 2nd World War. The agents of the secret Pearl Harbor mission, who arrived on 14 December 1942 by the submarine Casabianca, were helped by the inhabitants, notably the Nesa family. This mission of coordination of the resistance networks will be continued throughout Corsica in order to organise a French landing.

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