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Late Baroque church dedicated to Saint Mary, patron saint of the village of Piana

In 1765, the people of Pian decided to build a large church with the help of public subscription, which was completed in l792 and opened for worship in 1795.

The church is dedicated to Saint Mary, patron saint of the village, and to the Sacred Heart since 1901. It's a late Baroque building, with an elegant appearance and imposing dimensions. The neo-classical trompe l'oeil interior decoration, created in 1879 by the painter Novellini, is remarkable for its sobriety and good taste; the marble paving was laid in 1889.

The silverware consists of two chalices and a monstrance: a recent chalice (20th century), and an older silver monstrance (19th century) with alternate decorations of vine shoots, ears of wheat and rushes on the bowl and node. Monstrance dating from the 19th century (tetramorph represented on the glory and animal decoration on the foot, cabochons inlaid with semi-precious stones on the stem and foot).

Liturgical vestments: beautiful set of liturgical vestments made during the 19th century. Chasuble, stole, corporal purse, manipule, chalice veil (gilded ornament with mystic lamb on chasuble).

In 1863, under the direction of architect Rocchiccioli, the bell tower with its three bells and clock was completed, a replica of the Portofine bell tower on the Ligurian coast.

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